Saturday, 6 October 2018

Blog Tour - Dear Mr Pop Star - Derek and Dave Philpott

I've got a review for you all today and I'm not quite sure where to begin with it if I'm being honest. Don't get me wrong, it's not because I didn't enjoy reading this, it's just that it's a little bit different.

Dear Mr Pop Star is a whimsical collection of letters that have been written to pop stars over a number of years to gently take the mickey about questionable lyrics in their songs or point out errors in their band names along with the responses that came back.

I'm sure there was a time before the birth of the internet, when musicians were inundated with sacks full of fan mail, people asking for autographs, signed photo's and the like but I'm pretty confident that they wouldn't have received many letters of the like that Derek and Dave Philpott have written! Their letters aren't spiteful, which could so easily have been the case, far from it, they are witty and gave me so many laugh out loud moments as I was reading it.

The people and groups featured include Katrina and the Waves, Tenpole Tudor, The Eurythmics, Paper Lace, Deep Purple and Tears for Fears, so there really is something for everyone.

Reading this book was like revisiting my youth and my collection of vinyl. Many of the letters would have an old song that I possibly hadn't heard or thought about for several years, popping back into my head as if I'd just heard it on the radio. It was for this reason that I had to read this marvellous book in stages as it tended to give me an earworm for the rest of the day.

If you, or someone you know, loves their music then I would definitely recommend giving this little gem a go. It's perfect for evoking memories and putting a smile on your face as well as giving a brilliant insight into the meanings behind the lyrics of some fabulous tunes from days gone by.

Dear Mr Pop Star is a wickedly funny read that will have you snorting with laughter and make you listen to your favourite tunes with fresh ears.

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With kind thanks to author Dave Philpott for the review copy.

Friday, 5 October 2018

Blog Tour - Lies Between Us - Ronnie Turner

I'm thrilled to be a part of this epic blog tour for Lies Between Us by Ronnie Turner. If you're wondering why it's such an epic tour, it's because Ronnie is also a book blogger and this is her debut novel so naturally the blogging community all wanted to show their support.

Where do I start with Lies Between Us without giving too much away? There are three main stories, told in alternating chapters, by three different people, which are cleverly and intricately woven together. Miller is a young boy who is riddled with issues, mainly obsession and jealousy. Then there's John, happily married to Jules, their world crumbles when their young daughter is kidnapped from the family home. As if that's not bad enough, they receive worrying messages from the perpetrator which only adds to their horror. Last, but by no means least, there's Maisie, who as an ICU nurse is taking care of a patient who was attacked and left for dead. Despite having her own issues she becomes involved with the man's family and convinces herself that the sick man's wife knows more about the attack than she's letting on.

As much as I love a dual/multiple timeline novel, I have to admit that I was more than a little confused with this one for a while and even now after finishing it I'm not one hundred percent convinced that I genuinely got it. That said Lies Between Us is a cleverly thought out and complex thriller. I particularly enjoyed getting inside Miller's head - a sick individual who realises that by presenting himself to the world as a 'good boy' he is able to manipulate those around him, but one who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. I can only describe him as a truly heinous character, just the type I love to read about! Discovering how these three storylines were going to connect made for tense reading and the journey was disturbing in places. I would recommend this book to fans of psychological thrillers but allow time to fully dedicate yourself to the complex twists and turns of this solid debut novel. Ronnie Turner is definitely on my list of authors to watch out for!

                                                        Author bio

Photo courtesy of Ronnie Turner

Ronnie Turner grew up in Cornwall, the youngest in a large family. At an early age, she discovered a love of literature and dreamed of being a published author. Ronnie now lives in Dorset with her family and three dogs. In her spare time, she reviews books on her blog and enjoys long walks on the coast. She is currently working on her second novel.

Ronnie's debut novel, Lies Between Us, will be published by HQ Digital in October 2018.

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With kind thanks to author Ronnie Turner, HQ Digital and NetGalley for the review copy.

Monday, 1 October 2018

Cover Reveal - And the Swans Began to Sing - Thora Karitas Arnadottir

I'm delighted to be taking part in the cover reveal for And the Swans Began to Sing by Thora Karitas Arnadottir,  which is being published by the lovely people at Wild Press Books.

But, as is the way here at The Hippo, I'm going to tell you about the book before showing you the stunning cover.


The swans on the pond began to sing. It was a singing so loud they were almost screaming, as if they were encouraging me to release what I had kept inside for so long.

Gudbjorg Thorisdottir has been hiding from the ghost of an ugly secret for most of her life. When she finally faces the truth of what happened in her childhood, the ghost floats away. Painting an evocative picture of life in Iceland, this is the story of a little girl who didn’t know how unnatural it was to experience both heaven and hell in the same house. 

I think this sounds like a really intriguing read and the cover is soooo atmospheric don't you think?

                                                      Author bio

Thora Karitas Arnadottir studied drama in the UK and has worked as an actress for most of her life, appearing on stage and television. And The Swans Began to Sing is the English translation of her creative nonfiction Mörk - my mothers story, which was nominated for the Icelandic Woman's Literary prize in 2016.

Thora is currently working on her first novel, which will be released in 2019.

Photo © Marco Di Filippo

You can follow Wild Pressed Books on Twitter - @Wildpressed - for more details.