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Sunday, 6 September 2015

The Good Neighbour - Beth Miller

The Good Neighbour is a terrific book and one that I was reluctant to put down.

Minette lives with Abe and is a stay at home mum who is pleased when the neighbours from hell next door move out and Cath moves in with her two young children Davey and Lola. Grateful to at last have some adult company Minette quickly becomes friends with Cath but as the friendship grows it soon becomes clear that Cath isn't the person she makes out to be.

Cath is unwilling to reveal too much about her past and much prefers to find out everything about her neighbours instead and even has a secret notebook where she records her findings. The reasons for this are slowly uncovered as the story develops.

Minette trusts Cath a little bit too much and soon finds herself caught up in a nasty web of lies and deceit not knowing who to trust.

As much as I'd love to tell you more, I can't as I'd hate to ruin the story for you. What I will tell you is that  this is an excellent read and Beth Miller has constructed an intricate story of friendship, trust, betrayal and reconciliation with truly believable characters, some of whom you'll love more than others at times. I loved the fact that the chapters were written from the point of view of three of the characters as it gives you the opportunity to really get inside their heads and discover things you might not normally have uncovered. It's difficult to determine a genre for this book as I feel it sits somewhere between contemporary and psychological thriller, but regardless of how you want to categorise it I think it's a enthralling read and well worth adding to your TBR when it's published on the 10th September.

If my cryptic review isn't enough for you check out the trailer made by Beth and her children here.

With kind thanks to the author, Ebury Press and Penguin Random House UK for the review copy.


  1. Great review, I still need to write mine.


    1. Thanks Lainy, I'll look forward to reading your thoughts :)

  2. Sounds good. Another to my ever growing TBR pile. xx

    1. I hope these books are all on your kindle Bev or you'll be living in the shed :)

    2. Added to my wish list in readiness for a one click shopping spree at some stage. Mind you shed sounds good. X