Monday, 31 August 2015

#PleaseRetweet - Emily Benet

#PleaseRetweet is a fun read, providing an insight into the world of social media where if you're not on Twitter or Facebook etc, you're not normal.

May Sparks has just landed a great job where she gets to hang out on Twitter and handle the profiles of  wannabe celebrities who can't be trusted to say the right thing. What May doesn't realise is that her boss, Craig, expects her to be available 24/7 and her clients will all need babysitting in some way.

May's life is then taken over by the constant demands of her boss, her clients and her friends and her life soon begins to spiral out of control and she can't seem to do right for doing wrong. Even when she's not tweeting she's composing tweets and her head is continually full of noise. But soon it's May herself who is trending #WhereIsMaySparks

Emily Benet has written an excellent book containing believable characters and situations which will have you laughing out loud in places. She's really managed to show the addiction some people have to social media, we've all seen them, constantly playing with their phone, refreshing pages, checking how many likes and retweets they're getting and seemingly paying little attention to the things happening around them in the real world.

If you're looking for a light-hearted, entertaining and current read then this could be the book for you. I loved it and I hope that you do too.

With kind thanks to NetGalley and publishers HarperImpulse for the review copy.

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