Saturday, 29 August 2015

Waiting For The Bee Stings - Calvin Wade

I first became aware of Waiting For The Bee Stings by a tweet on Twitter. I loved the cover so I went off in search of more information. I'm so glad that I did as this book is an absolute gem.

Mia Maher is almost forty and when she returns home from a friends funeral to find her husband's naked mistress in her bathroom her life heads in a new direction.

The story that follows is a mix of past and present as we find out how Mia copes with her husband Gary's philandering alongside flashbacks to her past when she was in her twenties and part of a group of four close friends who go on holiday to Tenerife.

I loved every single thing about this book. The story really drew me in and made me laugh out loud in places especially the description of Mia's monumental sneeze at the funeral just as the coffin is being taken out of the church. Calvin Wade has a wonderful talent for getting under the skin of his characters and I was impressed with his portrayal of both Mia and her young daughter Esme.The story was a heartwarming tale of lives not taking their expected paths and is a wonderful read that I can't recommend highly enough and I'll definitely be reading this author's other books.


  1. Sounds good. Your reviews have me wanting to know more. Keep up the excellent work Neats. xx

  2. Thanks Bev. Forever Is Over by the same author is currently free on Amazon until Tuesday the 8th if you're interested :)