Friday 12 June 2015

Alone But Not Lost - Bob Summer

Alone But Not Lost is a tense, dark and disturbing psychological thriller in which we meet Sin, a young woman living on the edge of sanity.

Self-imprisoned in her own home, fully equipped with alarms, camera's and the very latest security equipment, Sin trusts no-one and lives with a constant fear of intruders and outside threats including her step-father who she finds out has just been released from prison.

Why does she live like this, in a big house inherited from her abusive mother, with no contact with the outside world apart from her handyman Hawk and an internet chat room. You don't have to read far into the novel to find out courtesy of Sin's childhood diary which is safely hidden away in her treasured bag Toesy.

Sin's story is told by cleverly intertwining her past and present and it's uncomfortable reading in places but necessary to enable the reader to get underneath Sin's skin and fully understand her mental state. The tension is palpable and you can feel Sin's anguish building throughout the novel.

I thought this was an addictive read which left me wanting more when I reached the end, but luckily, if like me you don't like having to wait for the sequel, The Edge is available for you to dive straight into.

With kind thanks to author Bob Summer for the review copy.


  1. If you enjoy a book that keeps you on the edge of your seat Sarah, I can highly recommend this one.