Thursday 2 July 2015

What Milo Saw - Virginia Macgregor

What Milo Saw is the story of nine year old Milo Moon who suffers from a slow degenerative eye disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa which means that he has pinpoint tunnel vision but despite this fact he is a keen observer.

Milo lives with his mum Sandy, his gran Lou and his pet teacup pig, Hamlet that is until, much to his dismay his beloved gran is sent to live at Forget Me Not's nursing home. Milo promises to visit Lou everyday but he soon realises that it's not quite the caring place that was advertised in the brochure. The head nurse, Nurse Thornhill, isn't always the happy, smiling person she makes herself out to be and when Milo realises this he sets out to get his gran home. With the help if Tripi, an illegal immigrant who works at the care home, he forms a plan to expose all the wrong doings going on at Forget Me Not's.

The story flows gently with chapters written from each different character's perspective. Touching on very topical issues such as care for the elderly, divorce, disability and foreign immigrants, this is a book for both young and old. I was disappointed that Milo's condition took a back seat for the majority of the novel and felt that the author could have made more of this. That said, this debut novel is a heart warming tale that will definitely tug at your heart strings and have you rooting for this charming and selfless little boy. It's a poignant read and one that I would recommend.

With kind thanks to NetGalley and publishers Little, Brown Book Group UK for the review copy.

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