'Neats did a fabulous job, stepping in for a few weeks to cover online publicity for my books. She came up with some great visuals, always checking content with me and was super reliable in getting ideas out on time. I highly recommend her!' 

  - AJ Waines, Bestselling Author 

‘Neats joined us on a short-term contract and made an immediate fabulous impact. Taking over our Edge Beanbags social media accounts Neats, off her own back, created short media snippets that were seen all over the World. Neats did not need any guidance, we gave her carte blanche, as we were more than happy knowing Neats knew our business and how we worked, that she would be able to grasp, create and deliver. Absolutely brilliant lady and we would have no hesitation in recommending Neats to all and sundry.’

  - Paul Stephens, Edge Beanbags

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