Sunday, 24 May 2015

How do you choose your next book?

I finished my latest read earlier today and now I have a struggle on my hands - which book to read next?

If you're anything like me you have a mountain of books to choose from and don't know where to start. I find this especially time consuming as a large majority of my books are on my kindle so I can't make a choice by looking at the cover or reading the blurb on the back. This means that usually my method involves Amazon and Goodreads. I sign into my accounts on both sites and the journey begins.

First stop is Amazon and the manage your content and devices tab to see what books I've got. Amazon have made this task even more difficult for me now as they no longer display the book covers on this page. Why Amazon, just why? I scan down the list of titles and one will jump out at me for whatever reason ( but not because of the cover, thanks again Amazon) and then off I go to Goodreads to search for the book only to find that nine times out of ten the book is already marked as read! Oh well, let's try another and back off to Amazon I go and so it continues until I find one that I haven't read.

Then the next step is to look at the overall rating on Goodreads and it had better be a good one after all the effort I've put in so far. If that's a positive then it's on to the synopsis. Am I in the mood to read about a psychopathic serial killer? No? Then it's back to the beginning of the process.

There's got to be an easier way hasn't there? How do you choose yours?


  1. I look at my Amazon cloud through the kindle app on my iPad that way I get covers of books then look up info to refresh my memory though ones I particularly fancy are on iPad device section so depends if I look through all or just top picks.....of course I also have books on physical bookshelves and in iBooks app too 😔 it can take days to decide and get into the start of a new book sometimes 😳

  2. Neats - how about making a jar and putting about 20 books in that you want / need to read. You could always do on coloured paper for romance; thrillers: bios etc and the pick from their. That way you clear your TBR list and it's a surprise what you'll read. Xx