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Bloodhound's Christmas Cracker Blog Tour - The Liar's Promise - Mark Tilbury

There's no escaping that Christmas is on it's way! Being a bookworm I'm sure that like me, you've got several books on your list for Santa - but we all know that you can never have too many books and you might not want to wait until Christmas to get your hands on a fantastic book to read.

So, with that in mind, welcome to the first day of Bloodhound's Christmas Cracker Blog Tour. What's that I hear you ask? Well, the lovely people at Bloodhound Books are reducing the price of some of their fabulous authors books (and they've got quite a lot let me tell you!) from now until right up to the big day itself.

How it works is that each book that's featured will be half price or even free for a limited time following the  review appearing on the blogs shown on the banners at the end of this post. So if you're looking for some fantastic books to add to your ever growing TBR's then this is THE blog tour for you.

One of my personal favourite books published by Bloodhound Books is The Liar's Promise by Mark Tilbury and that's the review that I'll be re-posting for you all today. This review was originally posted here on The Hippo on 3rd December 2017.

Back in May I read my first book by Mark Tilbury, The Abattoir of Dreams, and it quite literally blew me away so when I was offered a spot on the blog tour for his latest book, The Liar's Promise, I couldn't say yes quick enough!

When Mel takes her four year old daughter Chloe to the local theatre, she is stunned when Chloe starts screaming, refusing to go any further than the foyer because she's afraid of the 'Tall Man' and she doesn't want to die. Nothing will calm her down so Mel takes her home, manages to calm her daughter down and settle her into bed, but this unsettling incident is just the beginning of a very eventful night!

Over the course of the next few days Chloe's behaviour changes dramatically, she draws pictures, talks about horrific events in the first person and makes frequent references to the 'Tall Man' who is coming to kill them.

Not knowing who to turn to she decides to talk to Charles Honeywell, the headmaster at the school where she works, unaware that he is very closely connected to the events that her daughter is talking about and by speaking to him about it she has potentially made the situation a whole lot worse.

I won't tell you any more about the plot but what I will say is that I'm pretty sure that you won't be able to put this book down, I know I couldn't!

After I read The Abattoir of Dreams I knew that Mark Tilbury was a talented author who was capable of freaking me out with his writing but I had no idea just how far he could get under my skin, and he did just that with The Liar's Promise. This book was so creepy I was convinced that I was going to have nightmares each night as I was reading it before turning off the light and snuggling down under my duvet. All sorts of disturbing images were flying around my head, the Tall Man, an innocent looking child's doll, an array of coloured freezers. . . . . nope I'm not going back there again as I've only just managed to get the images out of my head.

I absolutely loved this book, despite the fact that it freaked me out so much, which is a testament to the author's writing. It's a fast-paced book that will drag you kicking and screaming to places that you never want to go, it's gruesome, it's sick, it's twisted, it's dark, it's disturbing and I can't wait to see what comes next from this outstanding author!

                                                       *    *    *    *

If you love the sound of The Liar's Promise, I can tell you that it's currently just 99p to download and it really is as good as it sounds! Maybe you've read some of Mark's other books (a few of which will be featuring in this fantastic blog tour) but haven't got your paws on this one yet. Well now is a perfect opportunity!

So keep your eye on all of these fabulous blogs right up until Christmas and you can get some amazing books to read over the holiday season.

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