Saturday 28 March 2020

Blog Tour - East Side Hustler - Leopold Borstinski

I was thrilled to be asked to be on the blog tour for East Side Hustler after loving the first Alex Cohen book, The Bowery Slugger, so much. If you haven't read it you really must check it out and you can read my review here.

Alex has returned to New York from the frontline in WW1 and life isn't easy for the one-time hustler. He's begging on the streets, suffering from which we now know as PTSD and life is hard. Just when he's at his lowest, his luck changes and he reconnects with old friends which leads to him getting back into the world of organised crime.

Things have moved on in The Bowery and with Prohibition on the horizon all the gangs want the upper-hand and life is even more perilous. Some are more willing to work together than others but knowing who to trust gets more and more difficult and allegiances are tenuous. Alex is lucky that his previous reputation is still strong but could that make him a target as he could be seen as a threat.

East Side Hustler is another sharp and gritty read from Leopold Borstinski. With a great cast of characters, including an appearance of Al Capone, it's a thrilling combination of crime and history and a truly insightful glimpse of life in the roaring 20's when many people defied Prohibition and  rejected many traditional moral standards.

I still can't help being intruigued by Alex. He is a hugely likeable character, despite his hard man exterior, he cares deeply for his family and does everything he can to ensure that they are safe and secure. I'm sure that the next part of his journey will be just as captivating and I can't wait to find out what's coming next.

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                                                  About the author
Photo courtesy of Leopold Borstinski
Leopold Borstinski is an independent author whose past careers have included financial journalism, business management of financial software companies, consulting and product sales and marketing, as well as teaching.

There is nothing he likes better so he does as much nothing as he possibly can. He has travelled extensively in Europe and the US and has visited Asia on several occasions. Leopold holds a Philosophy degree and tries not to drop it too often.

He lives near London and is married with one wife, one child and no pets.

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With kind thanks to Emma at Damppebbles Blog Tours for my stop on the blog tour and the review copy.

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