Saturday, 6 February 2021

Song Of The Psychopath - Mark Tilbury


Just when I thought I'd read the darkest book from Mark Tilbury, he completely knocks them all out of the park with Song Of The Psychopath! Wow, is this book dark? Is the Pope Catholic, do bears sh. . . . . . . I think you get the idea!

Tommy Scarlett has been missing from home for a year so his family are over the moon to hear that he's been found on an isolated road. Their happiness is short lived though, as when they see him at the hospital he's sustained numerous injuries and he doesn't recognise any of them. What the hell has happened to their precious son since he disappeared?

The mystery deepens when Tommy returns home and begins to suffer from severe headaches and confusing flashbacks to a time and place he can't recall. Thinking that a therapist might be able to help bring the old Tommy back seems like a good idea but will it just open up a can of truly horrifying worms?

Have you ever seen something gruesome or disturbing on tv, covered your face with your hands or a cushion, but found yourself still taking a peek at the screen to see what was coming next? That was me when I was reading this book, if I could have read it through my cushion I would have, I needed some form of buffer to protect me from the words, but at the same time I couldn't stop reading!

I've often said that some of the character's in Mark's previous books were heinous, but I think that this time around Mark has literally dredged them from the depths of hell - I have no words to describe their depravity and the lengths that they were prepared to go to to stop poor, innocent, Tommy from revealing their identities.

Having read all but one of Mark's books, I can honestly say that Song Of The Pyschopath, is his darkest and best yet! The story will get deep inside your head and it will take you a while to shake yourself free from it. This is Twisted Tilbury at his very best!

With kind thanks to Mark Tilbury for my review copy.

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