Saturday 3 October 2015

Sleep Peacefully - NC Marshall

Sleep Peacefully is the debut novel from NC Marshall and an astounding one at that.

This isn't your usual fast paced psychological thriller as the story is subtly revealed in tiny pieces which cleverly pulls you into the story.

Nat's sister Jess died,  in what everyone believed to be a tragic accident but five years later Nat is experiencing powerful dreams about the night of Jess' death. As the dreams start to become more frequent Nat begins to think that maybe there was more to Jess' death than anyone knows so she starts to look more closely at her sisters life.

The story is told in two parallel narratives, one being Nat and the other in the form of flashbacks of Jess' life when she was alive. As secrets are revealed it looks like Nat didn't know her sister anywhere near as well as she thought she did.

The two narratives work seamlessly together and the story flows well. The revelations come at a steady speed and despite the fact that I'm a big fan of fast paced thrillers, the story kept my interest and I was compelled to keep reading. The characters were very believable and there was enough background on them all to give them credibility and the eventual perpetrator was exceptionally hidden in my opinion.

I devoured this book over the course of two nights and I'm eagerly awaiting the next offering from this wonderful debut author.

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