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The Hippo hands over . . . to Donna McCarthy

Today it's my pleasure to welcome the lovely Donna McCarthy to The Haphazardous Hippo. I've got to know Donna over the last few months after spotting some tweets about her debut novel The Hangman's Hitch and we've become firm friends. So I'm delighted to hand you over to her as she invites you to take a peek inside her mind.

Inside the mind of a seriously twisted author! (Donna's words, not mine!)

If I say that, when you see a group of people, laughing, enjoying each-others company, generally having a thoroughly good time… I see, a Devil, (there always has to be a Devil for me) jealousy, somebody on the edge and always a weak point in the group… then you will understand why I am quite a quiet person in company, as am normally thoroughly enjoying the other side!
No wonder people go quiet when I enter the room!
It is just how my mind works, it’s introvert, it’s weird, but it’s me.
There are places in my mind, dark realms, which after visiting, sometimes leave me wondering if its ok to think as I do… maybe, all us authors, have a yet to be disclosed condition? Perhaps one day we will be all locked up, and your precious books considered contraband! Black markets spring up, where a Class A book gets you 10 and then some! Maybe? but then I am just a crazy author, and now thinking of dystopian futures and trying to understand how you will react to this blog, maybe pin point your character without even meeting you!
Hope I don’t sound too scary, but as a breed authors can be.
My characters are very real to me, unfortunately, they are generally very dark too, so I live with some right weirdos! However, mine is a safe distance, and even though they pre-occupy me most of the day, I can put them safely down on a page and bind them in a book, or even just shut down word!
If you knew these Devils like I do, I am sure you would love them equal to any hero I create, and might surprise you to know that they generally get along famously, when they are not performing!
So, as you see, if I didn’t write, these Angels and Demons would have no voice, which would be a sad tale indeed, that inevitably would never be told!

Since I've been chatting to Donna I've noticed that although we have lots of things in common such as books, reading and wine, she has a rather strange love of something that totally freaks me out. . . . .clowns! I'm not talking your average clowns here like Ronald McDonald, Krusty the clown (of The Simpson's fame) or even the infamous French clown Pierrot, oh no. . . . . Donna much prefers the more unconventional ones like these guys . . . .

Pennywise from Stephen King's It (picture from

Twisty from American Horror Story (picture from

Art from All Hallow's Eve (picture from

Aren't they just the stuff of nightmares? Well they are to me (especially after googling many, many more pictures like the ones above just before going to bed last night!) but I'm sure that Donna would jump at the chance to hang out with all three of these guys at the drop of a hat and if Pennywise was to ask her out for a drink it would be like all her birthday's and Christmases had come at once! Clowns aside though, don't be scared of her as I can promise you she is one of the nicest people you could wish to meet. So read on to find out a little bit more about the lady herself.

Photo courtesy of Donna McCarthy

By the age of 5 I had travelled the world twice, but ironically, because of my age, have little memory of it! However, I still wield it when in the intimidating company, of rich and seasoned travellers!
I love the South of France, Ireland, have been to Australia on my own in my 20’s, which was awesome!
I have 6 older brothers and no sisters, and only one female cousin, so of course, I am a bit of a lad!
Had my debut novel The Hangman’s Hitch published last year, which was the most phenomenal experience, and now have my 2nd ready to go… wish me luck!
My favourite childhood book was Alice in Wonderland, and think I have read it over 100 times!
My current favourite author is Anne Rice, but this changes constantly.
My last meal would be Sunday Roast with all the trimmings!
45 years old, loving the greys, (or do we all just embrace it because we have no choice!)
Living the dream on a pauper’s pocket!

The Hangman's Hitch is available for only £1 on Amazon until the end of August, so now that you know a little more about the author why not check out her book here, it's on my TBR.

 You can follow Donna and find out more about her at the places below:


I'd like to thank Donna McCarthy for taking the time to stop by today, it's been so much fun and I hope you've all enjoyed it too.

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