Saturday 18 February 2017

The Wrong Turn - NC Marshall

Megan Cooper is involved in a car accident that leaves her trapped in her burning car. Luckily for Megan someone comes to her rescue and gets her out before it bursts into flames.

Waking up in the hospital and lucky to be alive she has a vague recollection of a tall man carrying her in his arms but she soon finds out that no-one knows who he is as he left the scene once help had arrived.

After a few days in hospital and a couple of visits from the police who are investigating the accident, she's packing her bag when she finds an unfamiliar jacket in her locker. Realising that it must belong to her rescuer she decides that she's going to try and track the man down to say thank you for saving her life in person.

The police uncover some worrying information about a well-known criminal and Megan is forced to revisit her past.

The Wrong Turn is another cracking psychological thriller from author NC Marshall that skillfully combines crime and mystery with a light sprinkling of romance thrown in. Although the prologue was a little longer than most, I think that it needed to be to enable the reader to experience every aspect of the whole terrifying event. Once again this author has created a strong cast of believable characters within a story that is well written and kept me absorbed from start to finish.

This is NC Marshall's third novel and in my opinion her writing is going from strength to strength with each novel she writes and I would highly recommend that you give The Wrong Turn a go.

With kind thanks to author NC Marshall for the review copy.

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