Sunday, 10 September 2017

#Blog Tour - Lost in the Lake - A. J. Waines

I'm a huge fan of  author A.J. Waines so I was absolutely thrilled when she asked me to take part in the blog tour for her latest book Lost in the Lake.

This is the second book in the Dr Samantha Willerby series but don't worry if you haven't read Inside The Whispers (Book One in the series) as the author has neatly given past events references so it can easily be read as a standalone, but it's always a good excuse to buy another book though right?

Rosie Chandler was involved in an accident and as far as she knows, she is the sole survivor. She can remember some of the events leading up to the accident, but she is desperate to fill in the gaps as she's starting to suspect that the crash she was involved in wasn't an accident at all. With her fellow passengers missing, presumed dead, she turns to clinical psychologist Sam Willerby to help her find the answers.

Sam is still reeling from her last case where she strongly believes she let her patient down so when she meets Rosie she's determined not to let her down. After a few sessions with Rosie, however, Sam starts to have suspicions about Rosie's story but her mind keeps going back to her previous patient and she soon finds herself overcompensating and allows Rosie to edge closer and closer to the patient/doctor boundary.

It's clear that Rosie has had a troubled life and it's not just the accident that is affecting her, she is definitely a girl with issues and the more Sam meets with her, the more uncomfortable she feels but she wants to do her job and help Rosie regain her memory of the accident, end their sessions and recommend someone else who can help Rosie with her other problems. What she doesn't know is that Rosie has other idea's and she has no intention of letting Sam pass her onto yet another shrink!

Told in alternating chapters from both Sam and Rosie's point of view you can see exactly which direction each character wants to take but the two women have different end goals and it makes for compelling reading. Rosie is obviously lying about things but how is Sam going to find out the truth?

Reading Lost in the Lake is like riding a roller coaster in the dark, you know that there are going to be highs and lows, but you never know when to expect them, how high or low they're going to be or how they're going to make you feel. One thing that is for sure though, is that it will leave you shaken. AJ Waines has a background in psychotherapy and I think it gives her the edge in getting inside her characters heads and making them believable to the reader without ever seeming far-fetched. This is a book that had my heart racing at times and I can't wait to read the next installment. If you don't have any books by AJ Waines on your bookshelf and you love psychological thrillers, then this is the author you need to check out, she's one of the best in the genre!

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With kind thanks to author AJ Waines for the review copy.

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