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Blog Tour - The Fake Date - Lynda Stacey

Ella Hope has been brutally attacked and left for dead on the Yorkshire Moors. Unable to move, she finds herself trying to piece together the events of the night before and desperately hoping that she can stay alive long enough for someone to find her. She remembers being with gym owner Rick Greaves but everything else is a little hazy.

Ella spends several months recuperating at her parent's house and moves back to her own house to try and rebuild her life but learning to trust anyone other than her parents and her close friend Sarah is going to take some time.

Her neighbour Will moved in while Ella was away. Their introduction was a little unconventional and Ella is intrigued by Will but should she be letting a stranger into her life when her attacker still hasn't been caught? What she doesn't know is that Will has a past that he is trying to move on from as well but is he ready to tell Ella all about it?

As romance is tentatively blossoming between Ella and Will there's a recurring narrative from the attacker - their thoughts  and words showing that Ella is still in danger - but from who?

The Fake Date is the first book that I've read by Lynda Stacey and I will definitely be looking at her other books after being so impressed with this one. I was completely hooked from the outset and I picked up my kindle to read it at every possible opportunity. The author has cleverly woven romance and thriller together without losing the origins of either genre, making for a captivating read. There's plenty of red herrings and a big enough sprinkle of romance to keep fans of both more than happy and it's one that I would highly recommend adding to your TBR.

                                                Author bio
Photo courtesy of Lynda Stacey

Lynda grew up in the mining village of Bentley, Doncaster, in South Yorkshire.

Her own chaotic life story, along with varied career choices helps Lynda to create stories of psychological / romantic suspense, with challenging and unpredictable plots, along with (as in all romances) very happy endings.

Lynda joined the Romantic Novelist Association in 2014 under the umbrella of the New Writers Scheme and in 2015, her debut novel House of Secretswon the Choc Lit Search for a Starcompetition.

She lives in a small rural hamlet near Doncaster, with her husband, Haydn, whom she’s been happily married to for over 20 years.

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With kind thanks to Rachel at Rachels Random Resources for my stop on the blog tour and my review copy.

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