Saturday 16 May 2020

Blog Tour - Swipe Right - Stephie Chapman

At a time when everyone needs a little happiness in their life along comes Swipe Right by Stephie Chapman. This quirky rom-com novel, inspired by the film When Harry Met Sally, was just what I needed to temporarily divert my attention away from all the real life stresses and worries.

Fran and Ollie meet when they are both applying for the same job at online media company , Viral Hive, something similar to Buzzfeed. The interview process involves the candidates working together and Fran's initial observations of Ollie aren't very flattering, despite the fact that she barely knows him. She isn't too bothered though as after that day she never has to see him again right? Wrong! After being offered the job, on arriving for her first day who should also be there - Ollie! Viral Hive couldn't decide between Fran and Ollie so they decided they would hire them both and they could work together!

As they both find their feet and settle in to their new work environment their colleagues pick up on an undercurrent of potential romance between Fran and Ollie but they are both already involved with other people. Despite this fact they both seem to swing between getting on and getting on each others nerves! Will they ever be able to see what is staring everyone else in the face and get together?

Swipe Right was my first venture out with author Stephie Chapman and I don't think it will be my last. I found the characters very engaging, the story flowed well and there was a wonderful mix of laugh out loud and heartfelt moments. I'm so pleased that I'm happily married as some of the Tinder dates that Fran goes on in the name of her work would leave me mortified, but they made for hilarious reading! If you're looking for something to read that will whisk you away and lift your spirits then this could be just the book for you.

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With kind thanks to Sarah Hardy at Book On The Bright Side Publicity and Promo for my stop on the blog tour and to author Stephie Chapman for the review copy.

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