Sunday, 7 June 2020

Blog Tour - The Last One To See Her - Mark Tilbury

Once again Mark Tilbury has knocked it out of the park with his latest book, The Last One To See Her.

Eleven-year-old Jodie Willis went to the local corner shop to buy milk for her mum but never came home and Mathew Hillock was one of the last people to see her. When her body is found four days later, the police, along with most of the local community, are quick to point the finger at Mathew despite the lack of any DNA evidence.

Mathew openly admits to seeing Jodie, but as he suffers from blackouts following a childhood head trauma, even he can't be sure if he's responsible for her death. He needs to find the answers for himself and  fast.

The Last One To See Her is another stunning book from the master of twisted. Right from the disturbing prologue, depicting mulitple slaughters, I was hooked. As always this was an incredibly fast paced and heart racing read. I really felt for Mathew, struggling through day to day life under the scrutiny and judgement of others within the town. Add in to this his 'fugues', or blackouts, where he could lose hours at a time, only added to the emotional connection I made with him. Mark dealt with Mathew's character with real empathy. I genuinely felt like I was inside Mathew's head when he was having one of his episodes and that was terrifying.

The whole cast of characters came together so well and I kept flitting between which one I thought was responsible for Jodie's demise, there was one particularly heinous character who I was pinning my hopes on but no spoliers here!

I'm always prepared for an emotional rollercoaster ride whenever I pick up one of Mark's books but this one hit me harder than others I've read. I honestly think that this is by far his best book yet and considering I've loved all of his other books that takes something special. This is an author who just gets better and better with each book that he writes and I'm already chomping at the bit to read the next one!

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With kind thanks to author Mark Tilbury for my review copy and my spot on the blog tour.

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