Wednesday 31 March 2021

Looking For Lucy - Jane E. James


Happy publication day to the lovely Jane E. James! Her latest chilling book, Looking For Lucy is out today and it's a corker!

Lucy Valentine has been missing for a month and she wants nothing more than to go home. Her parents, John and Jane, are so desperate to find their daughter they enlist the help of reluctant psychic Cindy Martin. 

Cindy has used her clairvoyant abilities before, but despite her good intentions, things didn't end well and she's been labelled as a charlatan. This is why she's so hesitant to help them, but the Valentine's are prepared to go to any lengths to find their beloved Lucy - including blackmail and Cindy's own young daughter, Grace.

As soon as Cindy arrives at Moon Hollow she is on edge, this doesn't appear to be a welcoming family house. John and Jane are definitely hiding something but will Cindy be able to unearth all of their secrets and discover the truth to find out what happened to Lucy?

Looking For Lucy has it all, tension, intruigue, mystery and suspense. Right from the start I was hooked, wanting to know more about Lucy and her family, what had happened to this little girl who would be eight on her next birthday and just wanted to be in her treehouse playing with Heidi, her favourite doll. She comes across as such a little sweetheart, I already wanted her to be safely back at home - little did I know what was to come!

This is no straight forward missing child story - there are so many hidden secrets and lies, some of which I had my suspicions about and others which completely blindsided me! I spent a lot of time swinging from feeling empathy for a particular character one minute and then being absolutely stunned and even horrified by what they did or said next.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this dark and atmospheric tale and I couldn't read it fast enough! Another superbly written and fabulous book from this great author.


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