Friday, 19 June 2015

Gull Harbor - Kathryn Knight

Gull Harbor is a clever blend of mystery, paranormal, suspense with a touch of romance.

Claire Linden is a medium who has just arrived in the small town of Gull Harbor to rid the Llewellyn's house of their hostile ghost. Within hours of arriving she catches sight of her ex-boyfriend Max Baron, who, having dumped her on graduation day she was in no hurry to confront.

When she arrives at her new temporary home she is greeted with stones being thrown at her, face down photographs and random piles of leaves throughout the house. Claire soon discovers that the unhappy spirit is called Maria but she speaks no English so things aren't going to be easy.

Claire works hard to build Maria's trust so that she can help her but at the same time Max is trying to win back Claire's trust. As the story unfolds secrets are shared and it's clear that danger is on the horizon.

I really enjoyed this book and the way in which the characters were written and developed throughout. I found myself feeling Claire's frustration with the language barrier between her and Maria, wanting Max to come clean about why he dumped Claire, why her father had disowned her and who was the "bad man" Maria kept referring to. The writing style kept me engaged and I wanted to read on at the end of every chapter. While the story unfolded well I would have liked a little more explanation into the bad man towards the end of the novel, but that's just my humble opinion.

Kathryn has written two other novels (Silver Lake and Divine Fall) and I think that both of these will soon be added to my TBR pile.

With kind thanks to Kathryn Knight for the review copy.


  1. Good review Neats, left me intrigued re this book and wanting to check it out. Xx

  2. Thanks Bev, you should read it if you get the chance. It's an intriguing read :)