Saturday 24 September 2016

**Blog Tour* Lost In Static - Christina Philippou

I'm thrilled to be today's stop on the blog tour for debut author Christina Philippou.

Lost In Static is a very clever story told from the points of view of Ruby, Yasmine, Juliette and Callum who are four students just setting out in their first year at university.

At the start of the novel we witness an accident and one of the characters is taken away in an ambulance, while the remaining three are watching events unfold in the crowd. We're then transported back in time to the beginning of the term when everyone is arriving at their new home.

We all know what it's like meeting new people, we want to make a good impression, try and hide our imperfections and keep hidden any little strange traits we might have and this is what these four young people do at the beginning but it soon becomes clear that none of them are quite what they seem.

Falling into a routine of drinking, smoking, parties and drugs they start to form friendships, some more successfully than others and you start to feel the tension building as the dynamics change within the group.

The author has done a magnificent job of telling one story from the point of view of four different protagonists while still keeping the story flowing and holding the readers interest. This is a difficult thing for any author to do convincingly and yet Christina does it with aplomb and in her debut novel. I loved the character development and it was like being a fly on the wall as you watched each individual struggling with various aspects of their lives and getting small glimpses into how they see each other as well as being privy to the thoughts going on in their heads all the while waiting to find out just how the accident at the beginning of the book came about.

This is a very convincing and extremely well thought out novel and I'm eagerly waiting to find out what's coming next from this very talented lady.

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With kind thanks to author Christina Philippou and Matthew Smith at Urbane Publishers for the review copy.

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