Monday 26 September 2016

The Factory - Mark West

If you like books that give you shivers down your spine then Mark West's latest novella, The Factory, could be just what you're looking for.

Gwen, Paul, Martin, Tom and Jane were all friends at university and members of the GLUE Club (Gaffney Legendary Urban Explorers) which was set up by Tom. Twenty years have passed and although still in touch, albeit intermittently, they've all moved on with their lives.

Paul is the only one who still lives in the area and when he finds out that the old abandoned Pocock factory is finally accessible his first thought is to contact Tom and tell him the news. Tom quickly rushes back to Gaffney but unfortunately Paul is unable to accompany him. Unperturbed by this Tom decides to go it alone and a few days later Tom's mother calls Paul to pass on some sad news, Tom has died.

The GLUE Club are reunited at Tom's funeral and between them they decide to do one final exploration in memory of Tom and they set off to the Pocock Factory.

This book will give you the heebie jeebies! The hairs on the back of your neck will be standing on end, you won't want to walk around your own house without switching the lights on! This is the kind of horror story I enjoy reading, where you don't actually see any monsters or ghosts but you know that they are there. A strange noise that could so easily be a voice, that imagined touch behind you and the feeling that someone or something is watching you, it's all here in this book.

The Factory is a quick but gripping and heart racing read. The author has done a great job of making each characters sense of unease palpable to the reader, yes there is some gore but that's why you read horror books isn't it? Will they make it out of the disused building, what actually happened to Tom when he ventured in alone and are the stories about the Pocock's true or just an urban legend? Well lovely readers to find out the answers to these questions you'll have to read it for yourself but just remember, the nights are drawing in so don't forget to turn on those lights!

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With kind thanks to author Mark West for the review copy.


  1. You're very welcome Mark. This little beauty creeped me out! 😉

  2. That sounds fabulously creepy!

    1. It certainly is Noelle. If this is your genre then I would recommend you give it a try! 😃