Sunday 21 April 2019

Blog Tour - Our Life in a Day - Jamie Fewery

Our Life in a Day is the story of Tom and Esme who are going to be celebrating their ten year anniversary. Esme is always making up games for the couple to play and this time it involves them choosing memorable moments from their lives together but not necessarily just the happy times.

Tom and Esme meet at a party and right from that night Esme has made it clear that she values honesty but can Tom be totally honest with Esme?

Our Life in a Day is a story about the relationship between two people which unlike other books deals with the warts and all side of life. It also tackles the very topical subject of mental health from a male perspective which I found made for very interesting reading. It's often said that men don't like to talk about their feelings so to get inside Tom's head was fascinating.

I'm not a fan of book comparison's as I think books are very subjective (and in my experience they are mostly wrong) so to see Our Life in a Day compared to One Day by David Nicholls, I went into this book thinking it was going to be a lot more light and fluffy than it actually was. I certainly wasn't expecting a rough ride full of tension and grit, but that's not to say that it doesn't make for a good read.

I had no idea that this was a debut novel, the author has a real talent for language and creating character's that are worthy of a reader investing time in. I really felt for Tom throughout the book, he had so many things going on in his head but he just wanted a simple life with the woman that he loved but he was always afraid that it was all going to disappear in the blink of an eye.

If you're looking for a hearts and flowers story then this probably isn't it, but if you're in the market for a different kind of love story then you might just find it with Our Life in a Day.

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With kind thanks to Tracy Fenton at Compulsive Readers for my stop on the blog tour and also to NetGalley for the review copy.

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