Saturday 21 November 2020

Blog Blitz - Torment - Mark Tilbury


I'm thrilled to be taking part in the blog blitz for Torment, by one of my favourite authors, Mark Tilbury. Mark is re-launching this fabulous book and it's got a shiny new cover, so to help spread the book love I'm sharing my review which was first posted, here on The Hippo last August.

Beth and David are a happily married couple desperate for a baby. After having suffered three miscarriages they are overjoyed to discover that Beth is eight weeks pregnant. Their happiness is short lived, however, when they return home after a night out and discover that someone has been in their home. Nothing has been taken but a wreath that Beth recently placed on her sister's grave is hanging above the couples bed and a knife has been stabbed into her pillow.

This is just the start of a series of strange happenings and, unnerved by these experiences Beth turns to her friend Kim for support, but Kim has her own problems to deal with in the form of her abusive boyfriend, Jonno. With David out at work all day Beth asks Kim to move in, and it's as much for Kim's safety as it is for Beth's sanity.

 Despite having someone in the house with her Beth's stalker doesn't stop with their ever increasing hateful campaign of terror. Who is it that seems to hate Beth so much, what can she do to stop them and most importantly of all, who can she trust?

Torment initially seems like a million miles away from this author's previous novels, but fear not dear readers, Mark is just doing what he does best and lulling you into a false sense of security and it makes this one story that you won't forget in a hurry!

It's more of a 'slow-burner' but, oh my goodness, once that spark is lit, things get hotter than Guy Fawkes' bum on the top of a bonfire! It will shred your nerves, make your heart race and mess with your emotions, which is exactly why I love this author's books so much. His books are always gripping right from the start and I'm invariably guilty of reading them far too quickly, only to regret reading the final word and Torment is no exception. If you love a dark and twisted psychological thriller then this book has to be in your collection.


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                                                       Author bio

Photo courtesy of Mark Tilbury

 Mark lives in a small village in the lovely county of Cumbria, although his books are set in Oxfordshire where he was born and raised.

After serving in the Royal Navy and raising his two daughters after being widowed, Mark finally took the plunge and self-published two books on Amazon, The Revelation Room and The Eyes of the Accused.

He's always had a keen interest in writing, and is extremely proud to have had six novels published by Bloodhound Books, including his most recent release, You Belong To Me.

When he's not writing, Mark can be found trying and failing to master blues guitar, and taking walks around the beautiful county of Cumbria.

You can find out more about Mark, his books and connect with him using the links below:


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