Thursday 5 November 2020

Blog Tour - Fifteen Coffins - Tony J Forder



I'm going to start off with a confession - this is the first book I've read by Tony Forder. I've heard so many fabulous things about his books and I have the entire DI Bliss series on my Kindle, but I've yet to have the pleasure of reading them. When I saw that Fifteen Coffins was a standalone I decided that this would be the perfect time to get acquainted with this author and it was definitely worth the wait.

Following the recent death of her father, FBI agent Sydney Merlot is back in her home town of Moon Falls. Her father, Sidney, ran his own PI business in the small town and Sydney has returned to settle his affairs. A few months prior to her arrival there was a mass shooting at the local school and fifteen people lost their lives, including the alleged shooter, Kevin Muller. While Sydney is going through her father's files Kevin's father, Dexter, turns up at the office as he's convinced that his son was innocent, and that he would never be capable of carrying out such a heinous act. The problem is the local police are convinced that he was the perpetrator so Dexter is desperately looking for help to clear his son's name. Sydney listens to Dexter's theory and the more she hears, the more she thinks that he could be right so she agrees to take the case, unaware of the viper's nest she's about to uncover.

Reading Fifteen Coffins was like being sucked into a vortex, I became so absorbed in this complex and clever story, that I didn't know which way was up! I was definitely kept on my toes with the twists and turns that were coming at a fast and furious pace as the individual strands of the story started to come together.

I loved Sydney and I immediately found her to be extremely likeable. She was a multifaceted character who knew when to be tough and forthright and when to reveal her softer side. I truly hope that there are more books featuring this engaging character in the pipeline.

Fifteen Coffins was an exhilarating read and I loved it from start to finish. Tony Forder certainly knows how to put the 'thrill' into thriller and I'm now itching to make time to dive into the other books by this first-rate author.


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With kind thanks to Sarah Hardy at Book On The Bright Side Publicity and Promo for my stop on the blog tour and to author Tony Forder for my review copy.


  1. Thanks so much for being part of the blog tour today Neats x

  2. Thank you for asking me Sarah. I loved the bookand I can now say that I've finally read one of Tony's books! ��