Sunday 29 November 2020

Blog Blitz - Trials and Tribulations of a Pet Sitter - Laura Marchant


Although I read predominantly fiction, I do like to occasionally dip into non-fiction when it catches my eye and being a dog lover this cover certainly caught my eye! Look at all those cute little faces peering out from the cover, they all look so adorable, I just want to cuddle them all, awwww . . . . . oh sorry, I'm getting a bit carried away now, I'm supposed to be telling you about what's on the inside!

Trials and Tribulations of a Pet Sitter is the tail (sorry, it was just too good an opportunity to miss! 😊) of Laura Marchant and her journey of setting up her pet sitting business. Laura had spent many years sitting at her desk in an office when she was unexpectedly made redundant. Corporate life was all she had ever really known but it gave her the perfect oppawtunity (again, I'm sorry! 😉) to follow her dream of setting up her own business, walking and looking after people's beloved fur babies.

I'd always imagined that this would be a fun, rewarding and somewhat relaxing job but I soon discovered that this was a profession with so many potential pitfalls that I'd never even considered and Laura definitely discovered some of them the hard way! From difficult dogs - and owners - inclement weather, car trouble and, what I imagine to be the worst case scenario, lost dogs, Laura has struggled with them all.

Reading this wonderful book was almost like sitting chatting to a friend while enjoying a coffee. I was completely drawn into Laura's world and felt like I knew all of her little furry friends, including her own precious fur baby, Brece, who I think was secretly running the show but letting Laura think that she was in charge!

There is a diverse and colourful group of dogs to get to know, and in my case fall in love with, including Wasabi, Doug the pug and the remarkable Rocky, who absolutely stole my already melted heart, to name but a few.

Not only is this book entertaining and heart-warming, it's also very informative, thanks to the additional notes on dog behaviours and care that can be found at the end. A great resource for all dog owners to help them understand their furry family members.

Trials and Tribulations of a Pet Sitter is a delightful, feel good read and one that I would highly recommend to all dog lovers, regardless of if you have a four legged friend or not.

With kind thanks to author Laura Marchant and Rachel at Rachel's Random Resources for my review copy and slot on the blog blitz.

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