Thursday 26 November 2015

The Secret By The Lake - Louise Douglas

The Secret By The Lake is a mesmerising, dual-time novel taking place over thirty years, that will send chills down your spine.

Amy has been living in France working as a nanny for the Laurent's and has become part of the family. When she gets news that her father is in hospital she reluctantly returns home to take care of him. Then when tragedy strikes the Laurent family Amy rushes to be with them. She finds Julia and Viviane living in Julia's now dilapidated childhood home and the situation she finds herself in isn't a good one.

Recently widowed Julia has very little money due to her husband's assets being frozen and she is inattentive to little Viviane, just wanting to stay in bed with thoughts only for her husband. Amy is worried about them both but her concerns start to grow for Viviane when she finds out that her new imaginary friend is called Caroline, which happens to be Julia's sister's name but she died years ago aged only seventeen.

Amy tries to find out more about Caroline but no-one wants to talk about her but Caroline and the run-down cottage want her to reveal their secrets so Amy takes it upon herself to try and discover the truth.

The atmosphere throughout this novel crept up on me almost like the mist across the lake. I could feel the dampness and gloom of the cottage, I could feel Amy's fear when things started to go bump and cleverly interwoven into the creepy atmosphere and mystery is a touching love story.

I've read other novel's by Louise Douglas and for me they are all wonderful so if you haven't read any yet this would be a good one to start with.

With kind thanks to NetGalley and publishers Black Swan for the review copy.

About the author:
Louise was born in Sheffield, but has lived in Somerset since she was 18.  She has three grown up sons and lives with her husband Kevin.  The Secret By The Lake is Louise’s sixth novel and she currently writes around her full time job. 
In her spare time, Louise loves walking with her two dogs in the Mendip Hills, meeting up with her friends and she’s also an avid reader. 

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