Sunday, 24 January 2016

183 Times a Year - Eva Jordan

183 Times a Year is a delightful story about mothers and daughters, which is both heartfelt and funny.

Lizzie's family is a typical blended one, consisting of her angsty teenage daughter Cassie, her son Connor, emo step-daughter Maisy (aka 'Mania') and her second husband Simon.

Each chapter is from a different character and gives you a real insight into their individual personalities. Cassie is 16 and wants to be friends with all the popular kids at school, always on Twitter and Facebook and secretly lusting after Joe and nicknaming her stepdad 'Simple Simon'. Maisy is a year older and more independent but she's got the number of Cassie's fake friends and often voices her opinions on them which often causes friction.

Librarian Lizzie often finds herself at home with the children while Simon is working and has her own issues. Her first husband has more or less washed his hands of his two children as his new rich wife doesn't want anything to do with them, her job comes under threat and then a shocking revelation from her best friend causes a major rift.

Events take a sinister turn towards the end of the book which means we see the family pull together and face up to some harsh realities.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book as it explored the mother/daughter relationship but it also cleverly managed to incorporate lots of other conversation pieces ranging from teenage mothers, work issues and infidelity. Cassie's spoonerisms were wonderful and Eva Jordan did a wonderful job in conveying the thought process of a teenage girl. It's wonderfully thought-provoking books like this that stay with you and make you appreciate your family and life in general. I can't wait for the next book from this author.

With kind thanks to author Eva Jordan for the review copy.


  1. Thank you Neats for such a wonderful review!

    1. You're very welcome Eva. I hope there's another book on the way soon :)