Sunday 17 January 2016

Our Song - Dani Atkins

Our Song is the third novel from author Dani Atkins. I remember reading Dani's first book, Fractured and being blown away by it and telling all of my bookworm friends that this was a book that they HAD to read. So when I was lucky enough to be offered a review copy of Our Song I jumped at the opportunity.

This is the story of two couples, Ally and Joe and Charlotte and David, who all find themselves at the same hospital one night.

We meet the husbands first, Joe is on his way home when he encounters a group of young children who beg him to save their brother and their dog who have fallen through the frozen lake and David is out buying a present for his wife when he collapses.

When the wives arrive at the hospital we find out that they know each other from university and neither of them is especially pleased to see the other one. The two girls parted on bad terms and we find out exactly what happens through flashbacks from both Ally's and Charlotte's perspectives as they both patiently wait for news on their spouse's.

Dani Atkins has written a stunningly beautiful novel that took me on one of the biggest emotional journey's I've ever taken whilst lost in the pages of a book. The story is ingeniously written over a 24 hour period with the characters backgrounds intricately woven seamlessly through it. Towards the end of the book I had to keep re-reading the words as I couldn't see them through my tears, yes this book broke me! The more I found out about each character the more involved I felt, they are ordinary people with ordinary lives and the situations they find themselves in could happen to any one of us. I imagine that Dani is a people watcher, happy to sit for a while and watch others going about their daily business as her observational skills are very apparent in Our Song. I honestly can't recommend this book highly enough and I can already see this being a must read book as well as being on my top ten list for 2016.

Our Song is published on January 21st and available for pre-order now.

With kind thanks to author Dani Atkins and publishers Simon and Schuster for the review copy.


  1. This sounds good and I loved fractured, I have the story of us on my to read list so have wishlisted this one for now

  2. I really do hope you love it as much as I did Sarah :)