Sunday 12 June 2016

My Girl - Jack Jordan

                                                    ***Blog Tour*** 

Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Jack Jordan's My Girl.

When Jack contacted me to ask if I'd like to read his upcoming novel My Girl and take part in his blog tour I was delighted. A few weeks later  I received my review copy and Jack's timing was perfect, I was inbetween books on my schedule so I quickly downloaded it to my kindle telling myself I'd just take a quick peek. How wrong was I? I couldn't tear myself away from it! That night I read it until my eyes refused to stay open, I spent all day at work watching the clock wishing that I could get home and read some more and when I did finally get home, I sat on the sofa until finally at eight o'clock that evening I was finished!

Paige Dawson is haunted by the death of her daughter Chloe who disappeared 10 years previously. Presumed murdered, the only trace of Chloe ever found was her arm. As if that wasn't harrowing enough, her husband Ryan recently committed suicide. Given the circumstances it's no wonder that Paige has found herself relying on prescription drugs and alcohol to get her through her dismal existence.

When bizarre things start to happen Paige is left wondering if she is responsible for them. Ryan's mother has a spare key to the house so maybe she was the one who removed all of his clothes from the wardrobe to help Paige with her recovery but surely she wouldn't have cut her sons face out of every single photograph. The turning point for Paige is when she discovers a gun and a mobile phone she's never seen before in Ryan's desk. Determined to find out why her husband felt the need for a gun Paige sets out in search of the truth.

My Girl is told in three parts and at the end of each part I was completely blown away, to the point where I just had to put my kindle down and evaluate what I'd just read. How had I not seen THAT coming and OMG were just some of the more polite phrases that I was uttering!

Jack Jordan does a stunning job of getting under the skin of an emotionally disturbed woman on the verge of collapse. His writing style maybe a little too blunt and to the point for readers who like flowery, pretty descriptions but in a tense thriller they're just not necessary. This is a hard hitting novel and some readers might find it hard to stomach in places but isn't that what a psychological thriller is all about? If I pick one up to read I'm asking for my head to be messed with and Jack certainly did that and I can't wait for him to do it again. Jack Jordan is definitely top of my list of authors to watch!

My Girl is released on July 4th and you can pre-order a copy for just 99p here.

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With kind thanks to author Jack Jordan for the review copy.


  1. Great review! Sounds like one I'd enjoy.

    1. Thanks Shalini. Please come back and let me know your thoughts if you read it ;) x